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Live View Golf - 3 Tips On How to Hit Irons Straight

3 Tips On How to Hit Irons Straight

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If you are the kind of player who spends 90% of their time on the driving range practicing how to hit their driver, you may want to think about changing your priorities. On a typical golf course, there are only 14 chances to hit your driver with all of the remaining shots spent on irons and putts. Your iron play is the backbone of your game that gets you down the fairway and onto the green. If you want to improve your game and become a better golfer, hitting straight iron shots keeps your ball in play and trains fundamental swing habits that help you improve your driving as well.

Hit Your Iron Shots Straighter with These Pro Tips

Improve your game with these three tips on how to hit irons straight.

1. Pick a Target

Before each shot pick out your target. It is shocking how often golfers step up to their ball without thinking about where they want their ball to go. The simple truth is that knowing your target dramatically increases your likelihood of hitting it. When selecting a target, make it as small as possible, while still being able to sight it easily. Thin tree trunks, telephone poles, or distant chimneys all provide great targets that require your brain to be precise in aiming and executing each shot. Part of your pre-shot routine should include picking a target, mentally sighting a line from the ball to the target, and lining up your shot to move at your intended target. Hitting straight iron shots begins in your pre-shot routine.

2. Take a Divot

Most beginners try to help the ball in the air by scooping or trying to lift the ball with the club. Ironically, this tends to lead to thin shots where the club strikes the ball in the middle and results in lower trajectory shots. To get your irons higher into the air, hit the ball on the downswing and take a divot after the ball. The descending blow will increase your chances to make good contact, compressing the ball, and causing it to rebound off the club face much like a rubber ball after hitting the ground. This compression and rebound also impart back-spin to the ball, stabilizing its flight, and providing stopping power around the green.

3. Maintain a Rhythm

Your shots have a rhythm to them that is dictated by the natural movement of your body. This rhythm is sometimes referred to as the kinematic sequence and dictates in what order different parts of your body fire for optimum clubhead speed and control. Swinging faster than normal forces parts of your body to move out of rhythm or sequence and results in skulled shots or shanks. Instead of swinging for full power on every shot, try to swing comfortably at 75% to maintain a smooth rhythm to your swing. During play, focus on this rhythm rather than the mechanics of your swing to keep a steady, consistent, and repeatable swing.

What Else Can I Do?

If you are serious about improving your iron shots and your overall game, the gold standard is to use a camera to capture your swing in complete detail. Contact Live View Golf today to learn more about using cameras to help improve your swing.

Live View Golf - Facts About Masters You Didn't Know

10 Facts About the Masters You Didn’t Know

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The famous green jacket and the immaculate grounds at the Augusta National Golf Club make the Masters Tournament one of the most iconic weekends in golf. The depth of this historic tradition makes it easy for some interesting tidbits to get lost to the sands of time.

10 Masters Facts

Here are some largely unknown facts about the Masters.

#1 How Old is the Masters Golf Tournament?

According to Augusta’s history page this tournament started in the spring of 1934, but it was originally named the Augusta National Invitational Tournament.

#2 Augusta National Golf Course Property Cost

Golf.com reports that Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts bought 365 acres for $70,000 to build Augusta. Now Augusta members may spend almost that much at the club in a single year!

#3 Best Single Round at the Masters

Greg Norman and Nick Price have both shot a 63 for a single round of this tournament, according to golf.com.

#4 The Growing Length of Augusta National Golf Course

Augusta has continued to expand due to advancements in golf clubs. It’s grown 635 yards since it was established in 1933. Source: golf.com

#5 The 19th Hole at Augusta National Golf Course

Augusta founder Bobby Jones considered including a 19th hole where golfers could place a “double or nothing” bet. Source: mybucketlistevents.com

#6 Green Jackets are Kept at Augusta National

The Masters champion is permitted to take his jacket home but must return it a year later at the next tournament. Otherwise, all green jackets stay on the club grounds permanently. Perhaps this is an effort to avoid situations like the one below. Source: PGA, T.J. Auclair

#7 The Easiest Green Jacket to Get

A thrift store shopper in Toronto bought an authentic green Augusta members’ jacket from the 1950s for $5. The lucky thrift shopper sold this jacket at auction for $140,000 in 2017. Source: Golf Digest

#8 The Masters Logo Features an Inaccurate Map

The Masters brand may value tradition more than accuracy. Instead of updating the United States map in their logo to be perfectly accurate, they use the traditional design from the 1930s. Source: mybucketlistevents.com

#9 One Jacket Per Customer

If you’re wondering what to wear to the Masters Golf Tournament, don’t even think about getting an official green jacket (unless you stumble upon it at a thrift store). The maker won’t respond to requests from individuals. Even repeat winners don’t get a second jacket! Source: PGA

#10 Arnold Palmer’s Masters Drink of Choice

While enjoying the Masters in 2013, Arnold Palmer asked a waitress for, “a Mr. Palmer,” then winked at her conspiratorially. Source: mybucketlistevents.com

Betting Odds on the Masters Golf Tournament

The 2018 Masters is April 5-8, and people are already talking about the favorites to don the green jacket. Here are the top five according to VegasInsider.com.

  1. Dustin Johnson 8/1
  2. Rory McIlroy 8/1
  3. Tiger Woods 17/2
  4. Justin Thomas 9/1
  5. Jordan Spieth 12/1

Big names like Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, and Sergio Garcia aren’t far behind, and it’s all going to come down to the final round on Sunday!

Image credit: photogolfer/Shutterstock

James Sieckmann on Block Training and Putting

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James Sieckmann stopped by our booth at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show to talk about using the Live View Golf camera to enhance training in “Block practice”.  He also discusses front facing video on Live View Golf to monitor your putter shaft and improve your putting technique.  For the full video click the image below:


Sickmann on Block Practice and Putting

Sieckmann Talks Block Practice and Putting with Live View Golf at the 2018 PGA Show

On The Road to the LPGA with Kelly Okun and Live View Golf

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Today we have a guest contribution from Kelly Okun.  Kelly has been working with Live View Golf at home and when she travels.  She recently posted this swing clip for us on Instagram  Kelly writes about how she works with Live View Golf at home and on the road in her quest to earn her spot on to the LPGA

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Live View Golf has become as a routine part of my golf game.  Whether I am practicing or competing, I will always have my camera nearby.  Trying to make it to the LPGA Tour, I travel more than I ever thought possible.  After I graduated college, I optimistically imagined seeing my swing coach every other week, lessons scattered in between tournaments.  However, that just isn’t realistic when you are on the road for weeks at a time.  This camera serves as another set of trusted eyes when I train – my own.

I fell in love with the Live View camera because I could essentially do mirror work without the strain of looking in the mirror; any screen (smart phone, iPad, etc.) can be placed on the ground in front of the ball so I can view my swing in live time without the awkward head angle.

I can even send my video, drawings and all, to my coach directly from the app.  This feature was exceptionally helpful when I was playing on the Australian Ladies Professional Golf Tour earlier this year.  There is nothing like being half a world away from your coach, but Live View Golf eliminates that distance.

Another advantage to owning this camera is its flexibility.  I live in Florida, and it is not uncommon to find my practice impeded by rain or the occasional hurricane.  I thought I had a great camera setup in my tiny apartment, but Live View made my life even easier by sending me the wide-angle lens adapter.  Now I can take full-speed swings without worrying about smashing a window!

Live View Golf has really invented something special.  I could not imagine touring without my camera.  It is such a confidence booster to see my swing on plane and in good position despite weeks of traveling.  You can bet that this camera is in my bag any time I leave for the range or a tournament.

– Kelly Okun –

Wide Angle Lens Adapter is Available!

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When practicing indoors space is often a constraint.  Our wide angle lens adapter uses custom optics to reduce the minimum distance necessary between you and your Live View Golf  camera by almost a third.  In the image comparison below, we placed the camera 8 feet from the target instead of the targeted 12 feet.  The 1/3 reduction in image distance causes the camera to only capture 5 feet of object height, cutting off most of the subject’s head.  Adding the Wide Angle adapter, improves total image width to 6 feet, allowing for full imaging of the subject.

Like the Live View Golf camera, the Wide Angle Lens Adapter is designed to be light, portable and is a perfect fit for your Live View Golf camera.  If you plan on practicing indoors, the Wide Angle Lens Adapter is an extremely useful tool to allow you to keep practicing whenever, wherever.

Order directly from our Store



Use slider on the picture to compare the two lens images.

8ft Image distance standard image LVG with adapter from 8ft imaging distance

Automatic Swing Detection!

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We are now in beta with our upcoming feature to make your practice even more productive.  SWING DETECT– is designed to sense when you hit a ball, and automatically record each swing.  because each swing is recorded individually in a 4 second file, reviewing your swing is super simple and convenient.  Swing Detect is currently in Beta for Android and will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks as well.  ANDROID DOWNLOAD.


Martin Hall joins Live View Golf Board of Advisors

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Live View Golf is proud to announce that Martin Hall is joining its Board of Advisors.

Martin Hall brings a wealth of golf instructional expertise to the Live View Golf team. He has been the host of the popular weekly instructional show on Golf Channel , School of Golf, since 2011 and has received numerous awards for his teachings including Florida chapter teacher of the year, Florida section teacher of the year, and 2008 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year.

Martin is also a Master Professional of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland. He has appeared in the Golf Magazine Top 100 since 1994, and in the Golf Digest Top 50 since the list began in 2000. Martin is currently ranked as the number 10 teacher in the country.

See Martin work with Live View Golf at Revolution Golf:

Shift and Rotate

For more on Martin Hall see his biography.

Live View Golf on Windows (or Mac) using an Android Emulator

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We recently made an exciting discovery courtesy of one of our users (Thomas McDowell) that enables running the Android Version of the Live View Golf app on a Windows PC or even a Mac.  The system works by running a piece of third party software called “Nox” which emulates an Android device.  Once installed, you can log into the Google Play Store and install any android app including Live View Golf.

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