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Basic Use

Automatic Swing Detection!

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We are now in beta with our upcoming feature to make your practice even more productive.  SWING DETECT– is designed to sense when you hit a ball, and automatically record each swing.  because each swing is recorded individually in a 4 second file, reviewing your swing is super simple and convenient.  Swing Detect is currently in Beta for Android and will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks as well.  ANDROID DOWNLOAD.


V5.0 User Guide

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We just released Live View Golf V5.0 for iOS.  We tried to keep the UI similar to the original UI, but we also wanted to update the icons to be more intuitive.  There were also 2 major new features added: 1. Sharing of Videos and 2. Templates.  To see how the new features work we’ve prepared a Guide Video explaining the new features and another explaining the new “Templates” feature.  For those of you on Android, the new version is coming soon.  we are less than 4 weeks from release of the Android version.



Understanding Swing Plane

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Swing Plane is fundamental to a consistent and efficient golf swing.  In this segment Patrick explains the fundamental nature of the swing plane and compares Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Ben Hogan and Bryson DeChambeau.  Using Live View Golf it is not only easy to analyze and visualize different swing planes, it is also easy to insure that you are staying on plane yourself.

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Using Two Live View Golf Cameras

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We’ve had a lot of questions about using two cameras simultaneously. Right now each device can only be paired to one camera, so using 2 cameras to check downline and front facing at the same time also requires 2 viewing devices. Using 2 cameras gives you the chance to make sure you are not cheating in another dimension as you are fixing your swing

Practice Anywhere Using Live View Golf

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Because Live View Golf gives you feedback on your body and club positions in real time, you can actually adjust your swing to learn a new movement, even without a driving range, a ball, or even a club. When I am on the road, I always travel with my Live View Golf camera, so I can continue to rehearse and perfect new swing movements that I am working on.