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Basic use demonstrations

Automatic Swing Detection!


We are now in beta with our upcoming feature to make your practice even more productive.  SWING DETECT– is designed to sense when you hit a ball, and automatically record each swing.  because each swing is recorded individually in a 4 second file, reviewing your swing is super simple and convenient.  Swing Detect is currently […]

V5.0 User Guide

Set Up Main Photo Bg

We just released Live View Golf V5.0 for iOS.  We tried to keep the UI similar to the original UI, but we also wanted to update the icons to be more intuitive.  There were also 2 major new features added: 1. Sharing of Videos and 2. Templates.  To see how the new features work we’ve […]

Front Facing Camera setup to prevent swaying off the ball

Set Up Main Photo Bg

Much like a mirror, Live View Golf is a great tool to help you monitor your own swing from the front.  Using our video feed and some alignment objects we can draw in stationary posts for reference to show swaying off the ball.  Seeing this movement in real time helps you learn to swing without […]