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Android  V5.2.20 – Beta 20

V6 of the Android App featuring Auto Replay is now in beta. If you would like to help test the latest features including in-app editing, sharing, and templates please download the latest version below. Installing the latest version will require you to allow installation from “unknown sources.”


Beta 20: Performance Enhancements – Now works reasonably well on Late Model phones (Samsung S8, Pixel, Pixel2)  trimming delays persist with older devices.
Beta 18: Automatic Replay first release.  We are having issues trimming the files so there is a long delay after triggering autoreplay.

RC17: Additional Fixes for Kindle Fire and Nox Compatibility.
RC16: Fixed vector graphic scaling causing some crashes for Samsung Tab 3
RC15: Fixed Kindle Fire Compatibility.
beta 14: Fixed Android 6.01 Samsung S5 Crashbug, adjusted sound trigger scaling.  Updated Version to reflect 5.2.X revision number.
beta 13: This is our release candidate.  Fixed Template naming, saving, application.  trim with slow motion playback issues (Skip frames when playing back slow content)
beta 12: Share video fixed
beta 11: performance enhancements for video editing and auto-recording
beta 10: added sound recording trigger
beta 9: Fixed video tiling resolution issues on high resolution devices.
beta 8: Fixed UI Error Message: “text relocations”


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