Live View Golf Camera FAQs

1. Why is the camera frame rate/resolution of Live View Golf so low?

When designing the camera, the overriding technical criterion was minimal lag between the live action and the video feed. Increasing frame rate and frame resolution increases the data that must be captured, encoded, transmitted and decoded in order to produce a stable video feed.  More data increases not only the amount of lag, but also decreases the stability of the video stream.  Based on our internal tests we found video lag in excess of 0.5 seconds decouples the video from the swing feel sufficiently to diminish the ability to learn the correct swing feel.

2. Can LiveViewGolf help me fix my swing?

Live View Golf is a tool to help you see and change your swing objectively. If you are not sure what you want to change, we recommend you take a lesson from your local PGA professional, buy a book or check out the Internet to see if there is anything that seems to address your specific swing problems.

P.S. We also like Patrick Parrish Golf Instruction as a place to learn about fundamental swing theory.

3. When will Live View Golf be available for sale?

Live View Golf is available for sale now with shipments to the domestic US, Europe (EU), Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.  If you are interested in purchasing the camera from other locations, please contact us for quote on shipping lead time and costs.  For international shipments note that all product is shipped from the USA and there may be customs or VAT duties due when collecting your shipment.  Those duties and tax surcharges are responsibility of the recipient.

4. When/where are you having another demo day?

We are a startup and are extremely resource constrained.  We expect to host demo days in our backyard in the San Francisco/Bay Area starting in April.  Please subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook feed for updates on our latest activities.

If you are a PGA professional and interested in being a sales rep in your local area, please contact us.

5. My camera is not charging.

If your camera does not fully charge while being plugged in, please make sure it is not running while charging.  To insure that the camera charges as quickly as possible:

  1. Plug the camera into a powered USB port using the cable provided.
  2. The camera will turn on automatically when plugging in.  You will see a flashing red light to indicate the camera is on.
  3. Turn the camera off.  The flashing red light will stop.

The camera should charge to full in about 2-3 hours when it is turned off.

6. How to share or Email your Live View Golf recordings

Live View Golf now provides native support for editing and sharing your swings starting with our App version 5.0  please see our latest youtube update to get details on how to use sharing Version 5 is available on iOS and currently in beta for Android.  Please see the download section for more details.

For older versions see this guide to : Share Recordings.

7. Deleting Live View Golf recordings does not free up space on iOS

If Live View Golf indicates your storage is full and it cannot take new recordings, there is a known bug with Live View Golf not freeing space even though old recordings have been deleted.  To reclaim the space you have to delete the Live View Golf App & Data and reinstall the Live View Golf App.  If you want to save your recordings please consult our FAQ about “Saving and Sharing Recordings”  Go to “Settings” and see the following instructions:



clearstore2clearstore3   clearstore4

8. LiveViewGolf requires a password to connect

The camera should come without requiring a password to connect to its hotspot.  There is a known issue with iOS and the  LiveViewGolf App sometimes setting a default password by itself.  If your camera hotspot is password protected without your doing go to your device Settings and try applying the default password “12345678”.



This should enable you to connect to the camera.

If that works please take the added step to clear the password again by going to  to the Live View Golf App settings.

Then clicking on the “Clear” button.

Which should give the “Removal of Wifi Password Successful” message.

After that please power cycle the camera by turning it off and on again to resume normal operation.

Your camera should now be operating without requiring a password.