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Practice Perfectly

Live View Golf: Real-Time Camera


Practice What You SeeLiveViewGolf shows your swing in real time so that you can correct errors before they happen.

Practice Precisely: Real-time swing tools align and guide your swing so that each swing is precise.

Practice Independently:   LiveViewGolf can be used without outside help.

Practice in Control: Practice when and where you want.

Practice Conveniently: LiveViewGolf is convenient to carry and use.

Practice Perfectly


Practice What You See

Real Time Camera

LiveViewGolf is a real-time streaming camera to monitor your swing during practice. Traditional video analysis shows your mistakes after they have already been made. When you can see your swing in real-time, you can correct errors before they occur.  LiveViewGolf ensures that you are practicing the right thing instead of further ingraining bad habits.

Golf Specific App

Together with our proprietary app, available on iTunes and Google Play, LiveViewGolf provides swing tools to make monitoring and analyzing your swing quick and easy.  LiveViewGolf swing tools are optimized for the way you practice golf.


Practice Precisely

Make your practice more precise by seeing your swing in real time.

Swing Tools – Because LiveViewGolf Swing Tools are available in the live feed, each swing and each movement can be made precisely in order to train the correct swing, every time.  When every swing is precise, you improve faster.

Learn to Feel – Real-time swing feedback also allows you to associate a specific swing feeling with instant feedback to determine if that feeling matches the correct swing.  Learning the different feeling of good and bad swings ultimately gives you the confidence to play your best game.


Practice Independently

Practice Independently Without Additional Assistance

Everything about LiveViewGolf is designed to be operated on your own without additional assistance:

Record Without Assistance – Recording your swing is as simple as touching the recording button.  You control precisely when a recording starts and ends.  No assistance is required to hold or operate the camera.  Recordings can be up to 10 minutes in length.

Swing Plane Alignment – To place swing planes or other alignment objects, simply record a swing and draw the desired plane into the recorded swing. When you return to live mode, the swing plane is automatically transferred into live stream.  Because the camera is stationary in all app operations, swing object alignment is very precise relative to your practice swing.

Practice With LiveViewGolf


Practice In Control

Control where and when you practice

With LiveViewGolf, any place with a clear and unobstructed swing path can be your practice range.

Because LiveViewGolf Swing Tools let you track your swing movements with precision, you can practice and train your muscle memory and swing feel day or night, even without a driving range.


Practice Conveniently

LiveViewGolf is designed for your convenience

WiFi Compatible – Connect to the LiveViewGolf camera easily using standard wifi on any iOS or Android device.

Compact – Weighing less than 3 oz, LiveViewGolf is small and light so that you can bring it easily to wherever you are practicing.

Compatibility – Designed for compatibility with iOS and Android so that almost any smart device can be used to check your swing.

Wifi Connection


Our Story

     The idea of practicing your golf swing in front of a mirror is probably almost as old as golf.  The self awareness that comes from seeing yourself and connecting the objective image with a kinetic feeling is invaluable in accelerating and re-enforcing the learning of a new skill.

     Patrick Parrish worked with Shane’s children for several years using traditional video based instruction, when it occurred to Shane that the learning process could be greatly accelerated by providing traditional video tools like swing planes in a live environment.  Instead of showing students mistakes only after they had already been made, live swing tools would show mistakes as they were occurring and allow for instant correction.  With a live swing tool environment, students could practice precisely, learn quickly, and avoid forming bad habits.

     Shane initially worked on the idea independently and presented it to Patrick in late 2014.  Their subsequent collaboration culminated in the successful completion of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $10,000 for the initial production of LiveViewGolf cameras.  Shane and Patrick thank all of their backers and Kickstarter for making this project possible.



Live View Golf - 3 Tips On How to Hit Irons Straight

3 Tips On How to Hit Irons Straight

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If you are the kind of player who spends 90% of their time on the driving range practicing how to hit their driver, you may want to think about changing your priorities. On a typical golf course, there are only 14 chances to hit your driver with all of the remaining shots spent on irons and putts. Your iron play is the backbone of your game that gets you down the fairway and onto the green. If you want to improve your game and become a better golfer, hitting straight iron shots keeps your ball in play and trains fundamental swing habits that help you improve your driving as well.

Hit Your Iron Shots Straighter with These Pro Tips

Improve your game with these three tips on how to hit irons straight.

1. Pick a Target

Before each shot pick out your target. It is shocking how often golfers step up to their ball without thinking about where they want their ball to go. The simple truth is that knowing your target dramatically increases your likelihood of hitting it. When selecting a target, make it as small as possible, while still being able to sight it easily. Thin tree trunks, telephone poles, or distant chimneys all provide great targets that require your brain to be precise in aiming and executing each shot. Part of your pre-shot routine should include picking a target, mentally sighting a line from the ball to the target, and lining up your shot to move at your intended target. Hitting straight iron shots begins in your pre-shot routine.

2. Take a Divot

Most beginners try to help the ball in the air by scooping or trying to lift the ball with the club. Ironically, this tends to lead to thin shots where the club strikes the ball in the middle and results in lower trajectory shots. To get your irons higher into the air, hit the ball on the downswing and take a divot after the ball. The descending blow will increase your chances to make good contact, compressing the ball, and causing it to rebound off the club face much like a rubber ball after hitting the ground. This compression and rebound also impart back-spin to the ball, stabilizing its flight, and providing stopping power around the green.

3. Maintain a Rhythm

Your shots have a rhythm to them that is dictated by the natural movement of your body. This rhythm is sometimes referred to as the kinematic sequence and dictates in what order different parts of your body fire for optimum clubhead speed and control. Swinging faster than normal forces parts of your body to move out of rhythm or sequence and results in skulled shots or shanks. Instead of swinging for full power on every shot, try to swing comfortably at 75% to maintain a smooth rhythm to your swing. During play, focus on this rhythm rather than the mechanics of your swing to keep a steady, consistent, and repeatable swing.

What Else Can I Do?

If you are serious about improving your iron shots and your overall game, the gold standard is to use a camera to capture your swing in complete detail. Contact Live View Golf today to learn more about using cameras to help improve your swing.



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Shane Yang


Based out of Silicon Valley, Shane advises start-ups and later stage companies on hardware and software product development with an emphasis on rapid prototyping and quick-turn manufacturing. Leveraging over 12 years of experience working with one of the top investment firms in Taiwan, Shane has a deep understanding and connection to the Asian electronics and optics supply chain. This experience gives him the ability to identify resources and connect strategic partners quickly and accelerate the typical product development cycle. Prior to working with start-ups, Shane spent 6 years practicing corporate law with several top 10 national law firms, focusing on corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, and venture finance. Shane holds a BA in Economics and Finance from the University of Texas and a JD from Cornell Law School. Shane has been president of PeriCentric Consulting for over 14 years.


Patrick Parrish


Patrick Parrish is a PGA Professional who has taught golf for over 30 years. Currently the head teaching professional at Nicklaus Club Monterey, Patrick has taught at many of the top clubs in the Monterey Peninsula including Quail Lodge, Pebble Beach Golf Academy, and Poppy Hills. Over the years, he has worked with 15 of Golf Digest top 100 golf professionals including his mentor Ben Doyle, Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, David Ledbetter, and Jim Flick. When he was at Poppy Hills, he assisted in the development of the NCGA free lesson program as well as the NCGA Junior Tour, currently one of the pre-eminent tours in California for junior players under the age of 18. He has taught four PGA Tour winners, five Champions Tour players, and attracted a wide following among nationally ranked junior and collegiate players. Patrick is a certified Titleist Performance Institute, Golf Machine, and Impact Zone instructor.

Our Partners

In addition to our founders, Live View Golf was designed with the help of our design and manufacturing partners:

Design and Strategic Advice

PeriCentric Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in product design and manufacturing, with an emphasis on advising start-ups on leveraging supply chain partners to accelerate product cycles and improve product quality.

Manufacturing Partner

QCSS Optics is an optics design and manufacturing company producing advanced optics for use in industrial and biometric applications. QCSS Optics’s expertise covers advanced design and manufacturing techniques including molded glass lenses specialty glass manufacturing, prisms and prismatic films used for thin film optics.