60FPS Recording
Built-in Wide Angle Optics
Featuring DSM Technology


Comparison of club travel between 20FPS and 60FPS
  • See More Detail

Record up to 60 frames per second (FPS) to get 3x more frames for slow motion swing analysis over LVG Classic.  This means that the club moves less between frames, giving you more detail to see what your swing is doing.
  • Stream More Reliably

LiveView+PLUS integrates the latest WiFi technology using 802.11 BGN  to reduce frame errors and ensure that more of your swing data is captured.
  • Still Real Time

Of course we managed to add all of these extra frames without reducing real-time performance.  Our video still maintains video delays under 0.5 seconds to insure that what you see and feel is real.


and practice in 9′ of space or less

LV+Plus image comparison
  • Get Closer

Our improved optics provide built-in wide angle optics and reduce the minimum imaging distance to 9’ in order capture 6.5 feet of vertical swing space.
  • Wide Angle Compatible

LiveView+PLUS is still compatible with our existing Wide Angle Lens adapter.  Using our optional Wide Angle Lens adapter reduces imaging distance even further below 7’.

MSRP: $329